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Our Work:

Connected Care Systems uses analytical tools to investigate healthcare data to improve patient care and operational performance.

The Zeus project is investigating the effectiveness and value of febrile screening for visitors to healthcare facilities. Responding to the Covid-19 pandemic many entities are adopting screening procedures for persons entering a facility. Is this effective? How many false positives and missed detections are there? Is it worth implementing a high technology tracking and tracing capability? These and other questions are being investigated in the CCS Zeus Project. The Zeus Sceening Dashboard and some statistics are available here.

The Length of Stay (LOS) project is exploring the the best tools to estimate length of stay following surgery for traumatic spine injuries. Factors such as surgery type, invasive, non-invasive, along with conventional physiological factors are investigated. Other factors such as type of insurance coverage, if any, are also investigated as reflections of economic factors that indicate patient health prior to injury. The LOS Statistics Dashboard and some statistics are available here.